We head back home today. Nasty weather ahead with a tropical depression. We’ve shoehorned a lot of touristing between visits with family.  Back in the 60s and 70s when I was growing up in Chicago the Gold Coast Cost Art Fair on the near-north side was the only art fair in the city. Bookshops weren’t all that common.  Street fairs were unheard of.  Now-a-days, Chicago has art and street fairs every weekend.  Sometimes more than one. And..bookshops continue to thrive. Chicago is a photographers’ fantasy world with all kinds of cool and interesting stuff to photograph.


Chicago Building   Hot Dog!   The Bucktown Art Fair on the North Side, and the Port Clinton Fair in Highland Park were great places to shop! Who knew there were two-story food trucks?

Bucktown Art Fair Port Clinton Art Fair

As always we visited our favorite book stores: Half-Price, Book Table and Open Book Bookshop.

Open Book Bookstore

We’ll be back again before the snow starts to fly.

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