Which Camera Phone Should I Buy (Part I)?

Taking a Photo With a Phone
Phone Cameras Are Everywhere

Many photographers look down on those folks  with their phones taking pictures. We chuckle as we are sure they won’t ever get high quality photos. But lately, for me at least, the value of a high quality camera phone has become obvious.  First, as I have become more active in social media, I have come to realize that my trusty Olympus isn’t my first choice for posting. Sites such as Instagram and Snapchat require mobile technology.  Posting to Facebook requires that I download to a computer from my camera and then post.  A phone provides  access to the photo, basic editing, and immediate posting for all of the various social media sites. Secondly,  phone cameras have improved remarkably in just a few years.  My husband takes some amazing photos with his phone, even under adverse conditions, such as low light.

My current phone works fine but  Microsoft has announced that it will no longer support Windows Phones.  Sad, since over the years, I saved hundreds of dollars by using Windows phones. But even if the Window phones weren’t dying, I would need to make a change. The camera on my phone is fine for “pictures of my morning run”,  shared with my Facebook Friends, but not so much for my more business-oriented Facebook page, Florida Traveler. And sometimes when you are out and about, all you have is a phone to record a great shot.

I did an initial Google search to check out the current reviews for camera phones.  PC Magazine has a  ten best rated cameras list.  Interestingly they  were all Verizon CDMA phones. My preference, though, is to go with an unlocked GSM phone (my current configuration).   My recent trip to Panama convinced me of the value of the flexibility of GSM.  My T-mobile service worked great all over Panama, with no tweaking or extra charges.  Since I have been an Apple User all of my computer life, an iPhone would be my preference as it will be compatible with my existing iPad and MacBook Pro.  However, a $999 iPhone X is well outside my budget. So, I will use the upcoming blog posts to scan the landscape and do a personal cost-benefit analysis of  camera phones to identify a replacement for my Windows Phone.

Stay tuned to see what I decide.


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