2018 New Years Resolutions for the Travel Photographer


On the first of the year I sort through my photos from the previous year.  I’ve had various goals in doing this. Last year I vowed to be better about using titles and folders to make my collected photos more manageable. This year I decided to use this annual chore to inform a New Years resolution’s list for travel photography.  The next blog posts will be more congratulatory, as I did find quite a few hidden gems worthy of travel stories.

Well the first thing that I discovered was that I took far too many photos.  I made over 16,000 photos in 2017. So my first resolution for 2018 is to 1. Take fewer photos.  It’s far easier to reflexively photograph everything and then look at photos later.  Maybe, though, if I spend more time thinking about, composing and considering significance, I could reduce a lot of the “photo bloat” and improve quality.

I  find it unfortunate that I have traveled to some amazing places where I have been able to take boring photos.  I evaluated my photos to try to: 2. Identify and correct weaknesses. For me the thing that popped out of my year-end review was the flatness of my landscapes.  It seemed that no matter which of my lenses I used, I didn’t capture the majesty of the landscape.  This year I had been to Panama and the Colorado Rockies.  But my photos didn’t “pop” for me.  I can do better!

There probably isn’t anyone out there who can benefit from: 3. Being more organized. I missed out on photographing the December supermoon  because I had misplaced the tripod plate for my camera.  I also hadn’t even looked at a lot of photos that I had taken.  I guess I was too busy taking 16,000 photos to take the time to review and classify photos.

I could also have saved myself a good deal of aggravation by  4. Being a better planner. In my posts on Panama, I mentioned how I ended up visiting Panama during the rainiest month because I hadn’t properly researched the weather or really even Panama until after I made my flight reservations. Though my travel plans for 2018 have already been solidified, again in a kind of random fashion, this year I will prioritize, research, and yes even pre write a draft of some of these blog entries;

Everyone needs to 5. Seek feedback. Social media used to be the way to go.  Sad to say that ship has Cruise Shipsailed as the entire world posts photos to Instagram and Facebook. I don’t have an answer for how not to get lost amongst the billions of photos being posted, but perhaps acknowledgement of success via payment or contests is the way to go.

6. Photos in the Moment,  I need a great camera phone. I already posted on the need for all of us to become expert phone photographers.






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