Taking to the Open Road in an RV Rental (Part 1)

Winnebago Travato

As with many retirees, my husband and I have bounced around the idea of chucking the whole “life with walls” for a life on the road in an RV. We discarded this idea for a variety of reasons.  Mostly, I felt that a life on the road limited me to traveling the US and Canada.  rather than seeing the world. My husband concluded that a life on the road would actually end up being pretty expensive as costs for an acceptable RV and campsites have risen with the popularity of the lifestyle. But we still had this idea in the backs of our mind, even if as something to do in a few years.

As I was doing some research on another topic a month ago, though, I stumbled on a local source for renting a Class B Motorhome.  These are large, self-contained, camper vans that sleep two.

Thus far I have found RV rental to be expensive, but this is as much an educational as  recreational experience.  For us this will be a “shake down” expedition for the lifestyle and a way to assess the long-term costs. We are renting this from Lazydays RV, located north of Tampa, Florida (also available in Colorado and Arizona). The base price for a Class B rental is $225 per night, plus optional extra costs for sheets and kitchen equipment. This will include unlimited mileage and generator time. We will be renting for six days. I’m still working through the issue of whether or not our insurance will cover the rental. We did a lot of the reservation online, but I spoke with Becky, the rental rep.

The other option for renting a Class B is RV share.  This site includes individual owners who rent through a service, similar to Airbnb. The price seemed comparable, but the rentals came with more restrictions. The service provides for roadside assistance.

We are planning a circuit trip around to the Atlantic coast, Key West and through Central Florida.

This Year It’s All About the Shoes!

Appropriate Footwear for the Travels Ahead

If you haven’t already done so, it’s time to finalize those 20018 travel plans. My plans (details in future posts) thus far include a hiking trip with REI to the Greek Islands (thus the need for new hiking boots); a  trip to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks (gotta actually use the boots now); and a destination, to be determined, with a rented Class B motorhome. As usual we plan family visits to Chicago and the environs during the nicer weather.

The Chicago Loop

Chicago makes a nice hub for visits to midwestern destinations. Likely we will revisit the Chicago Jazz Fest

One of many concerts at the 2017 Chicago Jazz Fest

and the massive arts and craft fair in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Ann Arbor Art Festival

Wow! A great year awaits.